The Wales Boy

About the Author
I'm Rachel Greenebaum and The Wales Boy is my first Novel. It Centers in Chicago, and is about a 16 year old girl named Angelica Grace. After Angelica loses her mother her father and her must move to Chicago due to his job. She must start over new and the move devastaes her. Soon she hearsthe tale of The Wales Boy which takes place in her new mansion. Unfazed by supertition she doesn't believe in these ghost stories. Everyone in school seems to be interested in her tale however, so she invents ghost stories to gain popularity. As she continues to make up stories the stories become more real and she herself finds out that she is a key element inside her own ghost story.

A forbidden Love and a Deadly attraction -The Wales Boy

"A book a day keeps reality away :]"

Lost in a Daydream: Happy Hump Day


Happy Hump day everyone!! I realize, I haven’t posted a quote up here in like seriously forever!!
So I was flipping through the pages of the book and this quote,
or little scene, stood out to me particularly!

"Is he in a gang?"
"Yes a bad one. He has tattoos all over his body. He also has five…

"When trouble strikes, head to the library. You will either be able to solve the problem, or simply have something to read as the world crashes down around you."
- Lemony Snicket (via ladymargaerytyrell)

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